The 3D Printable Modular Storage Case for miniatures, board games, books, and more!

Four sizes ranging from micro to chest, filling all of your storage needs! Whether you need to be able to take your minis on the go, or store hundreds of them at home, you can make an OMNI 2 the size you need!

The OMNI 2 comes in a ton of awesome custom themes and modular internal linear rail guides with all of the accessories you need to make your ideal storage solution. No two OMNI 2's are exactly alike!

Assembling your perfect storage case is a breeze - simply use glue and the built-in peg hole system, or common fasteners found at your local hardware store or online.

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Regular price $89.99
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Omni 2 Comes in Four Sizes - Micro (small), Briefcase(medium), Duffle Bag(large), Chest(Extra Large). 

Each size uses the same modular drawer system that can be 100% customized to fit and store whatever you wanthowever you want. This includes but is not limited to, Miniatures, Board Games, Painting Kits, Gaming Accessories and really all hobbyist activities! 

The Omni 2 is designed with YOU in mind. No two Omnis have to be the same. Custom build your Omni to suit your specific set up!

Included with the campaign are the standard configurations that we love and use daily for those who want to just press print and build their Omni 2.

OMNI 2 is built with internal linear rail guides that will allow us add tons of recommendations by the Omni community. We hope Omni 2 is an ever evolving project with tons of future additions!

  • Includes built in design to accommodate optional accessories like magnets, screws,  and nuts.
  • All pieces are pre keyed with pegs and holes to snap together.
  • All pieces are designed and optimized for easy FDM printing on any printer.
  • Omni was designed with accessories in mind! Omni comes with A TON of amazing stretch goal features that can be added to your display case.

Full instruction manual and "How to Assemble" video included with file delivery. Below is a summary to get you started!

  1. Pick your Omni 2 Size.  Micro, Briefcase, Duffle Bag or Chest. Press Print!
  2. Decide what you want to put inside!
  3. Follow the instructions or the default layouts to print the internal drawers
  4. Print, Assemble and Equip your Omni 2!

After checkout, you will gain access to your file via email for immediate download. You can always access your file through your account.

Omni Micro - Super easy to print and build. Absolutely beginner friendly, just drag and drop the files and press print. 

Omni Briefcase - Easy to print and build with a focus on those looking to take advantage of the functionality and modularity of Omni 2.

Omni Duffle - Big 3D print that is still easy to build, this one is for the enthusiasts out there who want to carry around their entire armies, tons of board games or even just have a wicked organizational addition to their gaming room. 

Omni Chest - The chest is a huge 3D print that we really do recommend having more than one printer for. It is for those who want to go all in with building and customizing their entire gaming and storage experience. 

All print times are estimates. Fast print times are calculated based on the newer printers out there (Bambu, Prusa MK4, etc.). Standard print times were from slicing in Cura an Prusa slicer on the older software and printers. The files are still subject to change and therefore these are not the final print times. 

There are few supports required to print Omni 2, however all Omnis are super easy to print. All places where supports are recommended are included in the PDF and video. We will also be providing a detailed description of our recommended settings and gear!

Breaking Barriers in Modular Storage

Introducing the OMNI 2- the ultimate storage solution designed with your unique needs in mind. Omni 2 empowers you to create a storage solution tailored to your setup. For those who prefer convenience, standard configurations are available, offering a quick and hassle-free setup.

Designed by Our Team of Engineers in NYC

Omni 2 was designed by out team of Engineers right here in New York City, we left no stone unturned. Our mission is to bring the very best designs to the 3D printing community and we believe Omni 2 is a perfect example. All of the custom sculpting work on the themed cases were also done in house by our ZBrush Artists!

OMNI 2 In Action