Modular Enclosure

The 3D Printable Modular Enclosure for your 3D printer.

The enclosure comes in three preset sizes, the Standard, Standard+, and Resin, but with it's fully modular design, you can easily create a customized enclosure by building a frame of any size.

Engineered with maximum functionality in mind, the file set comes pre-split for all standard size FDM printers, and comes with pre-supported resin printing files. With a ton of awesome hand-sculpted themes, you can put your personality onto your enclosure, impressing any guests!

It also comes included with a ton of accessories to expand the functionality of your 3D printer and keep you safe, and the detailed instructions and videos makes it a breeze to assemble.

License: Personal Use
Regular price $89.99
Regular price Sale price $89.99
Regular price $89.99
Regular price Sale price $89.99
  • Easy to print and assemble 3D printable files designed for maximum strength
  • Many custom-made themes to make your enclosure fit your personality and interests
  • Tons of accessories to extend and compliment the functionality of your 3D printer
  • Well documented instructions and images to make assembly a breeze

Full instruction manual and "How to Assemble" video included with file delivery. Below is a summary to get you started!

  • Pick your size! You can make Enclosure a custom size or use our recommended sizes
  • Print all the pieces in your file delivery folder
  • Assemble using either glue or fasteners
  • Add any of the optional accessories

The Modular Enclosure is made to fit over all standard printers, to find out what size enclosure you need you can find the internal dimensions of each size enclosure below (but do note that you can make an enclosure to fit any size).

  • Length x width (depth) x height
  • Standard: 478 x 605 x 574mm
  • Standard Plus : 605 x 605 x 701mm
  • Resin : 478 x 478 x 701mm

After checkout, you will gain access to your file via email for immediate download. You can always access your file through your account

Print Times

Print times vary based on the size of the enclosure, print speed settings, as well as how many printers you use. The fastest time we've calculated is the Standard enclosure with all acrylic walls, using 3 printers on fast print settings, we were able to get print times down to 2.9 days. The longest we've calculated is the Standard+ enclosure with 1 printer on normal print settings, taking 23.95 days. Because this is designed to be modular, there are many configurations that are possible, so print times will vary!

Printing Settings

Material weight, much like the print times, varies based on the enclosure. For a Standard enclosure with acrylic walls, you'll need 5.64kg of filament. For a Standard+ enclosure with printed walls, you'll need 13.72kg of filament. And like the print times, other configurations are possible, so material weight will vary.

All files are designed to be printed nearly 100% support free, increasing speed, reducing waste material, and maintaining the structural integrity of the enclosure.

Improve your Print Quality

Control your temperature and your printing environment, have all the tools and filament you need for your prints right on hand, dampen the sound from the printer, and make your printer stand out with one of our amazing hand-sculpted themes.

Print Safely

An enclosure prevents harmful VOCs from escaping into your office, bedroom, and home. Our built-in ventilation system keeps you and your family, babies, pets, guests, and all safe from the harmful 3D printing fumes.