Modular Filament Storage System

Say goodbye to tangled spools, moisture damage and stacks of unorganized filament! 

Do you have your 3D printer filament all stacked up in the corner of your workspace?.. Most makers do! 

Our Modular Filament Storage system ensures your materials stay organized and pristine for every print. With sleek aesthetics and versatile functionality, our storage solution is a must-have for every maker's workspace. 

The modular system allows you to completely customize your workspace, whether you have 1 printer or a farm of 100, our system will allow you to easily store, move, organize and monitor your filament. 

This is a pre-order item, the final file delivery will be in June.

License: Personal
Regular price $89.99
Regular price Sale price $89.99
Regular price $89.99
Regular price Sale price $89.99
  • Easy to print and assemble 3D printable files designed for maximum strength
  • Many custom-made themes to make your filament storage fit your personality and interests
  • Lots of accessories and mounting options for maximized customizability
  • Well documented instructions and images to make assembly a breeze

Detailed printing and assembly instructions, including a how-to video are included in the file delivery folder!

After checkout, you will gain access to your file via email for immediate download. You can always access your file through your account

Store your filament safely

Each filament box comes equipped with slots for gaskets and silica packs to help seal out moisture and dust. For those of you who live in humid environments, keeping your filament dry is essential to maintaining high quality prints.

Multicolor Print Themes

For the first time, introducing themed STL print files that are meticulously organized and separated to accommodate both multi-color filament 3D printing and single-color options! All 1kg filament boxes come with built in magnet slots for those who want to snap the themes on and off!