Modular Enclosure Individual Standard Acrylic

Purchase individual clear acrylic for your Standard size Modular Enclosure, including sides, backs, tops, and doors.

As a note, if you purchase all of your acrylic separately, if you are making an entirely acrylic sided enclosure, you will need two acrylic side panels to complete your enclosure.

The Modular Enclosure is made to fit over all standard printers, to find out what size enclosure you need you can find the internal dimensions of each size enclosure below (but do note that you can make an enclosure to fit any size).

The top piece has a hole for the filament, side pieces are solid, back piece has two holes, one for electronics and one for exhaust fumes. Both holes can be covered using the files in the file delivery. Doors are two smaller pieces of acrylic to be used with the 3D printable hinges. Doors come with 2 pieces of acrylic.

  • Length x width (depth) x height
  • Standard: 478 x 605 x 574mm
  • Standard Plus : 605 x 605 x 701mm
  • Resin : 478 x 478 x 701mm
$26.77 - $35.77
Style: Side
Regular price $26.77
Regular price Sale price $26.77

Orders are fulfilled through partner acrylic shops, so orders may take several weeks to ship. Reach out to us if you have questions for the acrylic supplier.

Regular price $26.77
Regular price Sale price $26.77