The Original OMNI, the 3D Printable Modular Display Case for miniatures, board games, collectables, and more!

With its fully modular design, you can easily create a customized display case of any size by adding individual height, width, or depth pieces.

Engineered with maximum versatility in mind, OMNI boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that will impress visitors and fit into any space.

Assembling your perfect display case is a breeze - simply use glue and the built-in peg hole system, or common fasteners found at your local hardware store or online.

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Regular price $89.99
Regular price Sale price $89.99
Regular price $89.99
Regular price Sale price $89.99
  • Can be assembled entirely with JUST 3D PRINTED PARTS and glue 
  • Built in design features to accommodate optional accessories like LEDs and Magnets
  • All pieces are pre keyed with pegs and holes to snap together
  • All pieces are designed and optimized for easy FDM printing on any printer
  • Omni was designed with accessories in mind! Omni comes with A TON of amazing stretch goal features that can be added to your display case.

Full instruction manual and "How to Assemble" video included with file delivery. Below is a summary to get you started!

  • Pick your size! You can make Omni a custom size or use our recommended sizes
  • Print all the pieces in your file delivery folder
  • Assemble using either glue or basic fasteners (Amazon links included)
  • Add any of the optional upgrades (magnets, LED's, acrylic)
  • Use the built in fastener holes to hang anywhere on your wall

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There are very very few supports required to print the modular Omni pieces. In fact, you could get away with printing without any supports, but there are a couple of pieces where we recommend adding supports (we want your cases to look flawless, it is designed to look like a finished product). All places where supports are recommended are included in the PDF and video. We will also be providing a detailed description of our recommended settings and gear! 

Our favorite Omni - The 330x330 Square Display Case takes roughly 80 hours to print all of the pieces. When we use more than one printer we split up the Omni and get them printed in less than one day which is pretty cool. With the new printers coming out we were able to print one in just 45 hours on the Bambu and we expect a very similar time once the Prusa input shaping software is released. We are hoping to post some videos here and on youtube shortly showing the process. Additionally, the Omni can be printed using a 0.6 nozzle which can also greatly reduce print times.

Elevate Your Prized Collectibles

Introducing the OMNI Modular Display Case- the ultimate display system that will elevate your premium miniatures, board games, and all your prized collectibles to new heights! Engineered with maximum versatility in mind, OMNI boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that will impress vistors and fit into any space.

Designed by Our Team of Engineers in NYC

Omni was designed by our two Mechanical Engineers, Austen and May. We've been working on this project for about 6 months making sure the design was optimized and the display cases were easy to build while maintaining maximum modular function.

OMNI In Action